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About Margaret River Body Talk

All trauma, belief systems, stories, conditioning and unprocessed emotions are stored in our physical body on a cellular level as biochemicals and reactors. They show up as physical blockages. In this particular form of healing, we are releasing these biochemicals and reactors out of each cell and optimizing our genetic blueprint. In the process of that happening the client experiences much more ease in life and overall better health. The goal is to move into lightness and joy in living life and all together moving out of suffering and therefore into more clarity and focus. Andrea gives her clients the opportunity to understand themselves and their humanness better and helps establish a new, happier and healthier relationship with oneself. With that comes a new understanding of the times that we live in and the opportunities they offer to us. We live in quantum leap times that means everything is speeding up. If we detach ourselves now from primal fear that appears to be running the show, we can move to eternity instead of continuing through more and more lifetimes.

It is helpful to know, that

every 7 years every cell in our body wants to renew itself. Over time through trauma and unexpressed emotions we have created blockages in our system, that prevent that from happening. Our diaphragm acts as a big balloon to all emotions that we haven't expressed throughout our life. Eventually, they move to the liver and into other parts of our body, may it be organs, endocrines, cells, body parts etc. Here they act as blockages in our systems. Therefore, our Body/Mind can't vibrate at a higher level. 90% of who we are is anchored in the subconscious and hence is difficult for us to access. Body Talk is the opportunity to release these old blockages on all levels of our being. Andrea as the healer, is the just facilitator of this fusion healing technique, that Waters Way offers to our world in this particular lifetime. She is the vessel of divine wisdom to move in to bring about the deep healing on all levels of a person's being, meaning the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. 



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